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We deliver excellence with a down-to-earth approach. Whether you’re running an enterprise level company or a startup, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Testing and Security.


No long phone queues, no waiting on a support ticket.  We’re here for you.  Really.  Call or email us and see for yourself.


Platinum MicroFocus partner and previously HP and Mercury partner since 2000 – we know the ins and outs of Testing and Security.  And now, to offer you more options, a partner of Checkmarx and QASymphony as well.  Let us guide you, we’re here to stay.

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Your success is our #1 priority.  Use our expertise to identify and implement solutions that best align with your needs.

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Smart. Responsive. Easy.


When it comes to Software Solutions in Testing and Security, we make your life easy. Our unwavering focus on excellent service and a hands-on, we’ve-got-your-back approach means our clients stay happy and stick with us.

Your Products

Get your new testing or security products off the ground faster and smarter with the Quickstart service package. We’ll get you the assistance you need for initial training, installation, and implementation so you can launch without a hitch.

Your Team

Learn from the best and improve your team. Whether it’s formal classroom training at your business or informal one-on-one training and mentoring, our national network of skilled software security and testing experts are ready to help.

& Augmentation

Feeling short on qualified staff and in need of additional hands? Whether it’s short-term or long-term, we’ll get quality consultants onsite to augment customer testing staff and fill those empty spots when you’re in a pinch.

Tech Support

Got a glitch or experiencing a problem? Whatever the issue…if it’s in our suite of products, we’ll make sure the problem is solved. Responsive service and consistent care ensures a speedy recovery.

License Renewal

Managing software licensing can be tricky and time consuming. We’ll refine your product licensing, streamline renewal, and make sure your license agreements are free of errors. That way you can focus on business, not paperwork.

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  • Testimonial
    Michael Lee, HP Account Executive

    "I know when I refer a customer to Merito, the customer is in good hands and it will be the start of a long-term relationship.  Merito brings exceptional knowledge to the table and always focuses on the Customer's needs."

  • Testimonial
    Angie S., Project Manager for Customer

    "I am absolutely amazed at how great it is working with everyone there at Merito.  Thank you for responding so quickly and finding a way to get this done.  You Rock!"

  • Testimonial
    Mark H., IT Business Systems Analyst for Customer

    "I want to convey thanks.  The consultant you sent  was knowledgeable, organized, and diligent.  I know it was time consuming work but he got it all done.  He communicated what he needed before he needed it and adjusted easily when things might not have been as expected.  And he is a good guy.  I appreciated having him here and all the help he gave us.  We would definitely have him again if/when the need arises."

Our Products

At Merito, we offer expertise on Micro Focus Testing and Security products and Checkmarx Security products – and one product you can’t get anywhere else: The Merito Integration Server. When we saw a real problem in security integration, we developed a solution. That’s how we work.  And now – a second proprietary offering: The Merito Touchless Build Adapter!

Application Lifecycle

Need greater agility, collaboration, and visibility in application lifecycles? Try Application Lifecycle Management…

Learn more


Does your testing team need help keeping up with emerging tech and shorter release cycles? Meet UFT – Unified Functional Testing…

Learn more



Can you afford performance problems when applications go live? LoadRunner is the industry standard in application testing…

Learn more

Man holding magnifying glass looking at screen and seeing insecure data


Are your applications vulnerable to security breaches? Assess and monitor your security risks with Fortify…

Learn more

lock on a computer chip symbolizing security under one platform

Integration Server

Why manage security defects separately from other defects? Our proprietary offering can help synchronize your security data…

Learn more

 image with hand on turning gears

Touchless Build Adapter

Why manually modify Makefiles when using Fortify SCA with C/C++ code? Our proprietary offering can help make it seamless…

Learn more

Security That Makes Sense


Smart. Seamless. Simple.

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Inside Merito

  • Testimonial


    We're an Micro Focus Platinum Partner and a Checkmarx Partner ... and people like us.

    About Company

    At Merito every client gets our very best. It’s premium service with a down-to-earth approach that is our hallmark. We make our clients’ lives easier and that’s why they stick with us year after year.

    Merito Solutions was founded in 2000 and has focused on testing solutions for companies of many sizes and industries. Merito takes the time to cultivate strategic partnerships and work side by side to ensure a customer’s applications are thoroughly tested and successfully launched. Merito is dedicated to providing high levels of technical expertise and client support.

  • Testimonial

    John Goodson

    CEO | Founder | Solutions Man

    About John Goodson

    John founded the company on the principle of providing unparalleled customer support for Testing and Security products and solutions. He has almost two decades of HP/HPE software development and training experience and lives by the code of excellence he sets for every project.

    His dedication to client satisfaction and personalized support has earned him accolades that manifest in mostly repeat and referral business. Prior to the launch of Merito, John was a software and training development consultant to HP legacy software provider Mercury.

    Entrepreneur.  Skier.  Cyclist.  Master Lego-builder with his young sons.  All-around good guy.  Talk to him and see for yourself.

  • Testimonial

    Stephen Dimitrov

    Director of Application Solutions

    About Stephen Dimitrov

    Stephen joined Merito as Director of Applications Testing Business.  He brings a wealth of product experience, as he previously spent 8 years working directly for HP as a pre-sales engineer for HPE’s Application software portfolio.  Yes, he KNOWS HP and Micro Focus!

    Stephen’s strength is his ability to understand your unique challenges and map them to proven solutions.  Stephen also has many years of experience in roles such as QA Manager, Development Manager, and Software Engineer.  As a QA Manager, he purchased Mercury TestDirector (later HPE ALM) so he knows what it’s like to be a customer.

    Mountain biker.  Husband to mountain biker.  Parent of mountain bikers.  OK, so he knows Testing Solutions and bikes.

  • Testimonial

    Tom Haakma

    Directory of Security Solutions

    About Tom Haakma

    Tom joined Merito as Director of Security Solutions. He brings over 6 years of application security experience and over 15 years of IT experience. Tom comes to Merito from HP where he spent 5 years as an AppSec Specialist.

    Tom is known for his professional and strategic approach to solving customers’ problems. A graduate of San Diego State University, Tom studied computer information systems on route to working in the U.S. Department of Justice and San Diego Unified School District IT departments. As a former web developer and IT director, he understands the challenges organizations face to deliver secure, functional software on time and on budget. There are very few scenarios he has not seen.

    A former college athlete and husband to a former cheerleader, he continues to be very active while also being the parent of a future college athlete.

  • Testimonial

    Kay Grant

    Business and Accounts Manager

    About Kay Grant

    You won’t see Kay at your sales meeting with Merito.  She’ll be back at the office making sure your quotes from Merito are error-free or ensuring the consultant we’re sending you has completed all background checks you need.  She is self-appointed keeper of “Who’s on First?” and can get you to the right person, right away.

    Kay has a Computer Science degree and a Masters in Social Work, so she can handle all the geeky Micro Focus acronyms and your feelings, too.  Kay might also be the one inviting you to a Merito special event, such as the Broncos in-the-tunnel VIP experience  or a Clippers suites she’s arranged. Yeah, be nice to Kay!

    Cyclist.  Active volunteer.  Proud mom of two superb almost-grown kids.  Wearer of many hats at the office.

  • Testimonial


    Our consultants are standing by... Ready to assist you.

    About Consultants

    Need a Certified LoadRunner consultant for three weeks of scripting in Idaho?  An expert on UFT to train your staff in California for a week?  Need a Quality Center assessment?  Our national team of consultants can do all that and more!

    We will customize services to meet your specific situation and needs.  As our customers often tell us, these guys are “Rockstars” at what they do.  Let us know how we can support your business.

Running a business is hard enough…
Let us smooth the road for you.

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If you have any questions or are interested in Merito’s services, we hope you’ll drop us a line.
We’re here to help.


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