Merito Touchless Build Adapter

We believe in solving problems and making life easier.  When you use Fortify SCA to perform static analysis, the built-in adapter cannot handle absolute paths which forces you to change your Makefiles and the way you build.  Now you can simply use the Merito Touchless Build Adapter!

 Benefits of Merito Touchless Build Adapter

  • Forced to change your Makefiles / Build scripts and process to fit Fortify SCA into your SDLC?  Using Merito Touchless Build Adapter, you can seamlessly integrate Fortify SCA into your existing C/C++ builds without modifying a single line of your Makefile or build script.  Point the Merito Adapter at your top-level Makefile or build script and let it take care of the rest.

 Features of Merito Touchless Build Adapter

  • Follows nested Makefiles and shell scripts to capture the entire build.
  • Command-line interface to integrate with CI systems.

Supported Platforms

  • Initial release for Linux and MacOS.
  • Windows version will be available in the near future.

More details will be added soon on Merito’s newest proprietary tool, the Merito Touchless Build Adapter!  Check back for updates or call/email us now for additional information.

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