Merito Integration Server – M.I.S.

We believe in solving problems and making life easier. That’s how MIS was born. There wasn’t a great solution available for Fortify security data integration and we decided to fix that. Meet the Merito Integration Server (MIS)!

Benefits of Merito Integration Server

  • Need to integrate the Fortify Solution into your existing SDLC?   MIS synchronizes your security findings to your primary defect management solution so your workflow can be managed in a single place.
  • Have multiple defect tracing systems in use by different teams?    MIS can handle them all. Simply create a separate configuration for each and in a few minutes, you are set to go!
  • Have you customized your defect tracking system?    MIS can handle custom fields and workflow configurations out of the box.


MIS Features

  1. Field Mapper UI – Map data from the Fortify solution to the field in your defect tracking system.
  2. Default Value Configuration – Set default field values so that you don’t have to set them each time you submit a defect.
  3. Multiple Defect Tracking Systems – Ability to connect to multiple defect tracking systems.
  4. Custom Fields and Values – Automatically picks up the custom fields and values you created in your defect tracking system without having to modify a single line of code.
  5. Batch Processing – Ability to file a single defect or batch submit multiple defects with a single click.
  6. Extensive Support – MIS supports a wide range of defect tracking systems out of the box.  MIS currently integrates Fortify with popular defect tracking systems, including: IBM Rational ClearQuest, Atlassian JIRA, ALM, QC, Microsoft TFS, Rally Dev, and Bugzilla.  More support is being added – please contact us if your defect tracking system is not listed and you are interested in MIS.

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